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EXERCISE BLUECORE - Training exercise re incident at Butlins Minehead

Details of Incident

Emergency services are responding to an major incident at Butlins Minehead. An explosion occurred just after 9am this morning and a vehicle is then believed to have driven into the Skyline Pavilion where the occupants were seen to attack a number of people. This incident remains on-going and specialist teams from across all emergency services are dealing. A number of people have been taken to hospitals across the South West of England. If you are concerned about anyone you think maybe involved please complete the relevant form below.

Contact Information

A dedicated phone number for reporting missing persons will be released shortly. In the meantime, please submit any reports here. Once details have been submitted, you will not need to phone us when the lines are open unless you have further persons to report missing.

Please do not call 999 or 101 in relation to reporting missing persons.