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Op BEEHIVE - Rape at Bat & Ball station 21/07/2018

Detectives are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information regarding the historic rape of a female which took place on 21st July 2018 at Bat and Ball Railway Station.

Details of incident.

British Transport Police are investigating the rape of a female on 21st July 2018 at Bat and Ball Railway Station.

The victim leaves her train as the only passenger at around 2230hrs - 2330hrs and leaves through the passenger exit onto Bat and Ball Road. Within this area she was raped repeatedly by two unknown men at knife point.

The two suspects were described as:-

Suspect 1 - a black male aged between 30yrs - 40yrs. He was dressed in black clothing, black trousers, black t-shirt and black trainers, either Timberland or Dunlop. This male had a knife during the attack. 

Suspect 2 - a mixed race (lighter skinned) male, about 5'9'' tall with a beard and his hair is described as brown and long in a ponytail. The hair was mixed as in straight and tangled and was coloured at the tip of his hair. The male had a distinctive scorpion tattoo on his left forearm.

Both suspects had Jamaican/British accents. 

The suspects were seen to come from a car described as a Volkswagen coloured black or dark blue. 



Contact Information

If you think you have any information which may assist the investigation team please follow the link below and complete the form. One of our investigators will contact you.