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Hampshire Constabulary - Southampton Rape

Detectives are investigating the rape of an 18-year-old woman in Riverside Park on Sunday 2 December. The incident happened just after 11.30pm in Riverside Park just off of Woodmill lane.

Details of Incident

Detectives believe the man started walking from the bus stop on Wessex Lane towards Woodmill Lane. The attack then takes place in an area of Riverside Park close to Woodmill lane and near to the skate park and the tennis courts.

After the attack, it is believed the man initially ran off down Woodmill Lane and towards Manor Farm Road on the right, and Forest Hill Drive on the left.

He may have then used a variety of roads to leave the scene in the surrounding neighbourhood.

The man has been described as white, in his mid 20s- 30s and tall with a medium build. He spoke with a southern English accent. He had stubble on his face and top lip, like he hadn’t shaven for a few days, and he had a wide mouth. His hair was medium coloured brown and shaven all over, like a grade 1.

He was wearing a dark green top with a hood and dark trainers.
His walk or gait has been described as short stepped or a shuffle which is quite unique.

Detectives are urging anyone who recognises this description, or saw someone matching this description in the area at the time, to get in contact.

Contact Information

If you would prefer to speak to someone please call 101 and ask for Hampshire Constabulary quoting Operation Scorch.
Alternatively, contact the independent crime fighting charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through their anonymous online form at