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GMP are appealing for information from the public regarding a murder that occurred on Birchenall Street, Moston, approximately 1900hrs on Thursday 5th November 2020

Details of Incident

Shortly after 7pm on Thursday 05/11/20 a large group of males chased a smaller group along Birchenall St in Moston. One of the pursued males was surrounded by the large group who then attacked him and knocked him to the ground and struck him repeatedly with a variety of weapons. The group then fled and the victim passed away from his injuries at the scene.

CCTV has captured at least two separate groups of people, predominantly young males walking around the area in and around Moston Lane and Kenyon Lane in Moston. Many of the males were captured holding items such as large pieces of wood and possible knives or machetes. 

The groups appeared to be alternatively looking for each other and avoiding each other, however just after 1900hrs two groups became aware of each other on Birchenall Street which runs between Moston and Kenyon Lane.

A foot chase began and males were seen running with weapons held in their hands. One male, the victim, a 16 year old Nigerian child, was surrounded by a group who then proceeded to attack him with weapons. Several males joined in the assault on him and knocked him to the floor where he was attacked for up to a minute with weapons. The attacking group fled on foot towards Kenyon Lane.


Contact Information


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