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30th Anniversary appeal - Murder DC Jim Morrison

Police are appealing for information on the 30th Anniversary of the murder of DC Jim Morrison who was fatally stabbed in MONTREAL PLACE, WC2 whilst trying to apprehend a handbag thief on 13th December 1991.

Appeal for information relating to the murder of DC Jim Morrison.

At the time of his death DC Jim MORRISON was a serving member of the Metropolitan Police Service.

On Friday 13th December 1991, DC MORRISON finished work for the evening and made his way home it is believed that as Jim walked home he came across a male who was in possession of a handbag, we believe he would have considered the circumstances suspicious and therefore challenged him.

One witness subsequently saw Jim holding a male against a doorway with one hand and a make-up bag in the other hand, during this altercation the item was dropped by the suspect and later identified as having been recently stolen.

The suspect then ran off pursued by DC MORRISON. A lengthy chase followed and on a number of occasions throughout the chase DC MORRISON was heard saying to the suspect that he was a Police Officer. The suspect was heard saying he was going to hurt DC MORRISON. DC MORRISON was stabbed three times including the fatal wound to his heart.

The Metropolitan Police Service are still working hard to identify the person who murdered DC Jim Morrison and appeal to the public who know who committed this awful crime. There is still time for the offender to be brought to justice and for the murder to be solved.

Contact Information


If you would prefer to speak to the incident room regarding this investigation please call 020 8785 8267.

You can also provide information anonymously via