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This incident relates to an explosion in a Local Authority Shelter on the Huntingdon Ring Road on Monday morning 23rd May 2022.

Op Aquarius - Explosion Huntingdon Ring Road

At 0830hrs on Monday, 23rd May, the fire service received a report of an explosion inside Montagu House, 81 High Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire,  a local authority shelter.  The location is at the junction of Ermine Street and the B1514 (Huntingdon Ring Road), Cambridgeshire.  Reports have been received confirming that the junction was impacted by the explosion with passing vehicles and pedestrians involved within the incident.

The explosion also impacted several neighbouring properties.

The fire service has confirmed they believe the incident to be a gas explosion.

A number of casualties have been taken to hospitals in the region.

If you suspect someone you know may be involved or need to report someone as missing, please contact the Casualty Bureau and speak to one of our officers. 

Contact Information

Contact the Casualty Bureau that has been opened in relation to this incident on 0845 301 0340  or complete the appropriate form below.